Alright, after 3 years of not posting on this blog I’ve decided to finally come back from the dead and make some CC. I guess. Anyone still here? 

This is my first attempt at meshing, and I have to admit that the result is better than anything I ever expected. In real life, I pretty much hoard sunglasses, so it’s only fair that my sims get some of them too. I don’t know if they actually look like sunglasses or just regular glasses, but whatever, who gives a shit? I don’t. 

The sunglasses show up in TF-EF, as far as I know, and I’m pretty sure they might show up on male sims too. To be perfectly honest, I was too lazy to check. They have 2 color channels, as you can see on the third sim, and they’re fully recolorable. 


uuhh should i upload these hairs?????

it’s a female sim. yep.

what the actual fuck t$r changed their layout

no how does this work

i am playing ts3 for the first time in 50 years and this sim just happened

do you see how classy she is

i fucking love her

tumblr has damaged my brain badly, as you can probably tell

remember when i used proper grammar?

Simming stuff that has made me happy these past two weeks…


I might do this from time to time depending on my mood. But so much stuff happened this week that I really wanted to share. (None of this is in any particular order.)

1. This Tumblr! Thanks to all of those that follow me after these few days.

2. Talking to Booboo again! <3 You are seriously awesome, lady!

3. Ninoo and nnnilou… enough said.


5. All hail The Empire!

6. I might just be a little Tipsy

This post made me realise that I haven’t played sims in ages. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow :)

This is a work in progress, two very different versions of the same sim. I’m really not happy with the girly version, so I thought I’d show it here and see if anyone has any opinions.

I don’t have much time to play, and I don’t have many ideas either, but I’ll try to keep this blog as active as I can.

I just downloaded ALL the CC. This will be fun.

These are my sim versions of Gale and Katniss from The Hunger Games.

I don’t ship them

This is supposed to be in book 3, since they look a bit older than most people imagine them :)

This eyeliner can be downloaded now, the link is below. Of course, it doesn’t look good on all sims, but nothing does anyway. Both .package and Sims3pack are included.


yay I can use gifs now